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The Citrine Platform – Product Launch Webinar

Pioneering the future of materials and chemicals

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A demo of how the Citrine Platform can be used to understand past experiments, propose compelling new materials, and inform R&D strategy

Thurs, Aug 6 @ 10:00aM PACIFIC

For 7 years, Citrine has been ahead of the game when it comes to AI in materials and chemicals. Join us as we take the next pioneering step, launching the Citrine Platform.

Combining the experience gained from 50+ customer engagements, the Citrine Platform enables materials and chemicals companies to use AI in R&D and new product development, autonomously, without the need to build the software infrastructure themselves.

The Citrine Platform has been used to accelerate product development, guide R&D strategy, and capture and reuse domain knowledge at materials and chemical companies like Showa Denko, Michelin, Lanxess and AGC.

Join CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Mulholland, and VP of Product Strategy, Raphael Stargrove, as they unveil the Citrine Platform and share:

  • An end-to-end demo of the Citrine Platform
  • An overview of the Citrine Platform’s applications to different business use cases and materials classes
  • Examples of customer successes


Raphael Stargrove materials data ecosystem

Raphael Stargrove

VP Product Strategy @Citrine Informatics
As VP of Product Strategy, Raphael Stargrove is responsible for Citrine’s long term product vision and strategy. Formerly the product management lead for advanced materials and manufacturing at Autodesk, and preceding, the materials product manager at Shapeways, he has spent the past decade enabling scientists, engineers and designers to adopt new technologies and push the frontiers of product performance. An architect and economist by training, he never tires of visiting the lab to see the products and materials Citrine’s platform makes possible.

Greg Mulholland materials informatics

Greg Mulholland

CEO @Citrine Informatics
Greg is a cofounder of Citrine Informatics, a company built to help materials scientists discover, manufacture, and implement advanced materials faster. He earned his MBA from Stanford, MPhil in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge, and his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University.