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Citrine is committed to the advancement of materials informatics. From open-source projects to our collaboration in academic research, we aim to use artificial intelligence to promote development and discovery that makes our world a better place.

External Research:
Citrine’s External Research Department works on externally funded collaborations with academia, national labs, and industry, providing unique expertise and a multi-year track record of success. Our long-standing culture of sharing knowledge and scientific engagement has led to strong academic and government partnerships and dozens of published papers and conference talks on our innovations. We help the scientific community to benefit from the work we do through an open materials data standard, open sourcing of selected libraries, and frequent journal publications and conference presentations on cutting-edge research.

    What kinds of projects does Citrine’s External Research Department (ERD) work on?

    Projects span varied material classes and involve collaborators across industry, government, and academia. In each case Citrine is providing expertise in data management, machine learning and analysis to enable an accelerated assessment of a broader field of material candidates.

    The ideal ERD research project is non-proprietary and publishable, and addresses one or more of these themes:

    • Applications
      • Machine learning-guided materials and process design, with a feedback loop that involves experiments and/or simulations
      • Modeling materials phenomena across length and timescales, from atomistic to macroscopic
      • Machine learning-augmented materials characterization
    • Method Development
      • Materials informatics algorithm and method development
      • Integrating machine learning and physics-based simulations
    • Software
      • Automation of simulations and laboratory experiments
      • Materials data infrastructure deployment and utilization
      • Open-source software development
    • Data
      • Materials property database development and publication

    How does ERD collaborate with researchers at other institutions?

    We first work to establish an external funding source (e.g., government research funding agencies or foundations) who will sponsor the project. ERD is unable to work on unfunded research projects.

    Citrine provides collaborative groups with unique combined expertise in materials-specific machine learning, physics-based simulations, state-of-the-art software infrastructure, and scientific software development.

    I’d like to discuss a possible funded research opportunity.

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    Does Citrine offer internships?

    Citrine offers internships at different times throughout the year. Please check our current postings for more information.

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    How can I learn more about materials informatics?

    Citrine develops and disseminates materials informatics educational content, often in collaboration with other institutions.

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