Accelerate Materials Discovery and Drive Innovation Using the Power of Data

Citrination Platform

AI-Powered Materials Data Platform

Citrination is a next-generation platform built from the ground up to manage materials data, and power advanced analytics and machine learning. When data is accessible and consolidated in a single consistent format, it’s possible to apply decades of locked-away knowledge, and perform experiments using the latest artificial intelligence technology. Citrination enables materials and product companies to build the repository of materials information required by R&D, Product Development, Sourcing, and Sales.

Platform Applications

R&D Platform of Record for Materials Data and Projects

Create an organization-wide repository of materials knowledge by supplementing company data with the world’s largest materials dataset contributed by academic partners. Work across silos with integrated properties, performance, processing, and product application data. Enrich this dataset over time with materials characterization management, task tracking, and data capture.

Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate experimental materials discovery with properties prediction and ML-driven sequential learning. Unlock new markets and discover new applications of existing materials by predicted results of specialized testing. Ultimately, apply materials effectively and create product value with AI-powered materials selection.

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