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Why Citrine? | We’ll help you achieve your goals

When you work with Citrine, you’re working with a team of people that ‘gets’ your business. We understand the goals that matter most, and we’re here to help you achieve them.

Find your next great product
Luck isn’t a strategy. You can’t afford to wait years for a serendipitous discovery, and you don’t have to. Citrine exists to help your researchers mine your own company’s data for new insights, emphasizing the features that you prioritize.
Be more responsive to your customers
Citrine’s AI platform helps you give your customers the features they need most, because we help you change your recipes and processes to optimize for those features. And you’ll see a range of potential solutions, so you can potentially bring more products to market using the same resources. This lets you manage strategic negotiations more effectively and offer your buyers a range of cost, risk and performance options.
Speed up the development cycle
Getting to market faster with higher performance materials can increase your margins and your market share. Citrine helps you get there by reducing the number of time-consuming experiments needed to explore your search space. Our sequential learning workflow suggests which experiments to perform next so you can achieve your project targets most efficiently: Fewer experiments, better results.
Adapt to changing regulations
As a materials manufacturer, you’re always adapting to new regulations in every country where you operate. Citrine helps you become more resilient by giving you options. When you need to reformulate a product, we can help you spot alternatives – and potentially find ways to improve your cost and performance, too.
Design around supply chain bottlenecks
In recent years, many manufacturers have had to rethink their sourcing strategies. Politics, conflict, economic disarray, and shortages have all led companies to explore options for raw materials and other components. Citrine can help you quickly spot alternatives, so shortages won’t slow you down.
Retain the wisdom of your senior researchers
We’ve all seen it: a generation of experts who are getting ready to retire, taking decades of irreplaceable institutional knowledge with them. Citrine can help you future-proof your business, by making data management into a business differentiator that makes everyone more productive: the experienced researchers and the new staff who will eventually replace them.
Use generative AI to work smarter, not harder
Citrine’s AI platform makes recommendations to help your researchers spot options. It can also help you balance risk across your R&D portfolio, by showing you the likelihood that a potential solution will exceed a specified performance threshold. We also include an “expected improvement” score, so you can focus on those candidates that have a chance (even if small) of hitting it out of the park.
Create more sustainable materials
Companies across the materials, chemicals and manufacturing industries are increasingly looking to optimize sustainability along with cost, performance and manufacturability. Citrine’s AI platform is a vital tool to help you reduce emissions and resource intensity, increase circularity, and adapt to a changing world while developing higher-margin, more sustainable products.
Optimize your cost structure
When business conditions change, Citrine lets you quickly explore your options. You can make informed decisions on how different inputs from various suppliers will affect the final material performance. Choose less expensive ingredients. Use smaller volumes of more expensive raw materials. Either way, we can help you drive down your COGS and create higher margin products.
Turn your data into an intellectual property asset
Are you getting enough value out of your data? The Citrine platform can capture and record analytical formulas, rules of thumb, known correlations, important constraints, and key features. This expert knowledge can improve the AI model accuracy and serve as a reusable asset in future projects. Our approach lets you seamlessly combine your experts’ analytical formulas with data-driven models. It lets you build accurate models with less data, efficiently using all the information available to you.
Collaborate better
Citrine helps you think beyond the silo, letting you reuse your data and AI models across project teams, business units and groups. Each new experiment, data point, and outcome helps make your AI models learn. This can facilitate newer, more ground-breaking tests, or to help onboard a new member to your team. Anyone on the team will see what worked in the past and what didn’t. As your team learns and grows, so does the platform’s ability to predict outstanding material performance.

Citrine | We share your priorities

What we do is important. But how we do it matters too. You’ll appreciate working with us because we care about the same things as you: building a better world for the future, driven by creativity, trust, and fairness.

Committed to security
At Citrine, all our hardware and software systems were designed with cybersecurity in mind. This is true for our work processes and culture, too. For us, this is truly “mission-critical,” and we’ve built our platform to earn your trust, while remaining highly usable. You can read more about our approach to security here.
Support built around your needs
We’ve designed our platform to be both powerful and easy to use. You may never need support, given features like graphical workflows, “no code” AI models, and visualizations to let you filter, color-code, and compare candidates to targets and existing materials. But we’re prepared to help you every step of the way, with options ranging from self-service to advanced professional services. You can read more about our approach to support here.
Investing in research
Like you, we continue to invest in making our offering more effective. We have three patents issued (Predictive Design-Space Metrics for Materials Development, US Patent #10,675,300; Product Design Integration, US Patent #11,004,037 B1; Using Machine Learning to Explore Formulations Recipes with New Ingredients; US Patent # 10,984,145 B1) with more on the way. Our GEMD data format, which links together materials, the processes that produced them, and the measurements that categorize them, is open-source and freely available for others to use. This is all part of building the future of machine informatics.
Here today, here tomorrow
Citrine Informatics was founded in 2013. We have stable funding, committed investors, and employees who are in it for the long haul. We were building our machine learning platform and serving global customers long before “generative AI” became a buzzword. When you work with us, you can feel confident that you’re working with a long-term business partner.
Real people, real values
Our corporate mission is to enable a greener, more efficient world by accelerating the development and deployment of next-generation materials and chemicals. And we’re accomplishing that by turning again and again to our seven core values: Execution Bias, Growth, Data-Driven, Ownership, Inclusion, Customer-First, Sustainability. These are more than words on a wall; they guide us in everything we do.

Citrine | Our technology is different

We’ve built patented and peer-reviewed technology that has been helping companies like yours innovate for years, and it continues to get better. We’ve incorporated scientific and business domain knowledge to help teams across the enterprise hit their targets, faster. We’ve designed our systems for the way you work because we understand the way you work.

Visualize the tradeoffs
Citrine’s patented tools let you visualize and compare the likelihood of achieving properties you’re targeting in a given search space. Our capability maps let you determine if using certain ingredients or process parameters is likely to improve properties, before you make large investments in experimentation. It can also help you have informed conversations with customers about cost and property trade-offs.
Rank your options to make better research choices
Our technology uses sophisticated uncertainty quantification (UQ) to rank your research candidates in various ways. This lets your researchers choose to expand or narrow options. By cascading UQ through graphical models, we give your team new information to help you make even smarter choices.
Identify which new ingredients will yield the best results
Citrine has patented a method for determining whether a new ingredient will improve a formulation. Our platform lets you “featurize” new ingredients and rank your candidate recipes, with and without the ingredient, based on their likelihood of achieving target specifications. You can do this even without first creating experimental data with the new ingredient.
Use machine learning tools built for chemistry
Citrine’s descriptor libraries recognize molecular structures and translate them to 100+ AI-ready chemical features. You can describe chemical molecules with either SMILES or InCHI notation. These are automatically translated to data points that an AI model can readily use.
Simplify your work with graphical modeling
Graphical models don’t just look nice. They make it easy to integrate physical expressions and to transfer learning. Our tools make it easy to describe known relationships and use training data to make your AI models more accurate.
Manage uncertainty even with complex searches
Formulations can be a particular challenge for AI, because there are many possible ingredients which can be included in any amount. Citrine has developed ways to explore continuous formulations design spaces using a modified version of Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods. Our core technology cascades detailed uncertainty quantification through the graphical models to help you find your way through a forest of formulaic options.

Citrine | We understand your industry

Batteries. Ceramics and Glass. Metals and Alloys. Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers. Building Materials. If you use chemistry to make it, we can help you make it even better.
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