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You probably call it “support.” We think of it as “customer success.”

At Citrine, we’re not just another SaaS company. We’re providing the support you might need as you advance your own digital transformation.

The principle:

We’ve specifically designed the Citrine platform to make AI accessible to your researchers, with no-code models and search-space definitions, a graphical interface so experts can see how components fit together, and more.

But we recognize that your users may have questions about features and best practices; we also know that people learn in different ways. That’s why we offer self-help training, group presentations, on-demand problem solving with Citrine engineers, and more.

Why this matters to our customers:
When adopting a transformative technology, companies will inevitably face a learning curve. The right support infrastructure can help your users understand how to make the features work and how to turn your AI program into a competitive advantage.

Support that works the way your team does
Whether your experts prefer to read documentation, watch training videos, join live presentations, or get one-on-one support, Citrine has an available support infrastructure to make users more successful.

Focus on your big picture
We approach every support discussion with the long view: “what is this user trying really to accomplish, and how can we make them more successful?” We stay focused on the business benefits you want to achieve, so you can quickly see meaningful results.

Delivering value
Even materials experts may need help when evolving the way they think about product development and R&D functions. Citrine’s customer success teams are a key part of how we deliver value from our platform. We’ve had a decade of experience partnering with customers to bring AI to scale. Odds are, we’ve seen the potential roadblocks you might hit, so we can help you avoid them and stay focused on finding innovative solutions for your customers.


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Once teams have had a taste of what kinds of outcomes are possible with AI in Product Development, there is no going back. But there’s often a cultural shift involved. That’s why we offer whatever support users need, whether they’re using the platform or sharing their experience with others.”

Kyle Killebrew
Head, Customer Success

Education and Training

All users have on-demand access to Citrine University, our on-demand learning hub which includes courses such as “Intro to Citrine Platform and Materials Informatics,” “Intro to Sequential Learning,” “Formulations Candidate Selection, and “AI Modeling & How to Adjust Your Approach.”

Group presentations

We regularly offer live and recorded presentations on a range of topics to help users and executives get the most out of the platform. Examples of some recent webinars include an executive roundtable discussion on the value of implementing AI in product development and R&D, how teams can efficiently prepare their data as part of digital transformation initiatives, and a discussion on how to incorporate sustainability goals into R&D initiatives.

On-demand problem solving

When your teams need more one-on-one assistance, we have solutions engineers, data engineers, data scientists, and others who can step in. Many of our application experts are material scientists with graduate training and industry experience. They can work with your users to shape a query, refine a model, interpret a result, and more.

Planning for success

We’ve seen companies be most successful when they share AI models across projects and technology platforms / chassis. This creates a flywheel effect: the AI platform keeps getting more effective at design, making each new product development project better and faster. Our customer success managers help you build the roadmap for achieving this kind of scale, advising on best practices for adoption and change management.

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