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Each industry and organization is different.
That’s why we’re so flexible.

Whether you are eager to deploy at scale across multiple geographies or with a small test case with a limited amount of data, we stand ready to help.

The principle:
As an artificial intelligence company, Citrine is adaptive by nature. We help our customers see unseen patterns in their data, and that means we expect the unexpected.

We work with organizations large and small, fast-movers and deliberate. Some teams are familiar with generative AI, while others need to know the basics. Our platform is designed to be as flexible as possible, because our customers’ opportunities are limitless.

Why this matters to our customers:
As the pace of change quickens, companies need flexibility from suppliers — and stakeholders need flexibility from companies.

Fewer technical barriers to getting started
Using generative AI is a cultural shift. Digital transformation can be disorienting to people who are used to legacy processes. The Citrine Platform works around our customers, fitting to their operations and systems. Because it’s flexible, people use it – and once they use it, they quickly see its benefits.

Faster responses to changing market and regulatory conditions
There are plenty of icebergs ahead: sanctions, shortages, interruptions, and preference shifts. Citrine gives our customers the ability to prepare for changes, stress-test options, and set a better course rather than settling.

No need to wait to scrub data or learn new software skills
The Citrine platform doesn’t require any special programming knowledge. Customers don’t need to scrub their data or transfer it into an ELN before using it to generate value. Our flexibility means that you can start quickly, focusing on your customers’ wishlists rather than the overhead of an adoption curve.


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Every company has a unique technology infrastructure. We’ve designed our platform to be both secure and flexible. It’s a sound technical practice. It’s also what our customers need.”

John Shaw
VP, Engineering

Flexible Data Ingestion

Wherever you store your data, we’ll help you find ways to make it more valuable:

  • Spreadsheets, CSV files, common instrument files, and more
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) and Laboratory Inventory Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Flexible API with Python interface, allowing users full control over how to map their custom formats

Generative AI: part of your company’s digital transformation

Citrine can make you more flexible across your organization, from faster R&D and sales responsiveness to a more resilient supply chain:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model enables quick scalability when needed
  • Compatible with a changing financial strategy and shorter-term planning horizons, from fixed CapEx to flexible OpEx
  • Helping companies move beyond siloed, legacy systems and processes into networked, knowledge-based value-creation

Innovation for everyone

Our low-code system isn’t just for use in the lab:

  • Citrine VirtualLab’s visualizations make it easy for to communicate across departmental boundaries
  • Workflow processes are easily defined and customizable
  • Researchers design AI models using pull-down menus rather than complicated programming languages, so they can focus on creating winning products

Ready for a changing world

From evolving regulations to supply chain disruptions, the Citrine Platform makes your product portfolio more adaptive:

  • Find ingredients that are less toxic or more sustainable
  • Explore cheaper formulations, from inexpensive substitutes to lower volumes of more expensive alternatives
  • Prepare for potential supply interruptions without increasing inventory costs
  • Create a more agile customer organization, reducing the time from requirements gathering through testing and production

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By leveraging…a cycle of synthesis, measurement, and model building, we have compressed the timeline for breakthroughs in these systems by at least an order of magnitude, taking advantage of the…massively scalable data-driven modeling platform of Citrine Informatics.”

Tassone, Christopher, and Mehta, Apurva. Aggregation and Structuring of Materials and Chemicals Data from Diverse Sources. United States: N. p., 2019. Web. doi:10.2172/1630122.

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