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Your digital assistant for materials and chemicals research, development, and deployment

What it is:
Citrine Catalyst is an innovative digital assistant that leverages large language models to support and propel your product development journey into the future by providing better and faster access to relevant research.
Why this matters to our customers:
Catalyst helps teams get answers to materials- and chemical-related questions that support their research, quickly and efficiently. This lets them spend time and thought on creativity and innovation rather than on process. Because this research is helping to develop your company’s intellectual property, all searching occurs within a private, secure environment that adheres to the same strict information security standards as the rest of the Citrine Platform.

Accelerate Development
Catalyst speeds your team’s development process by giving them ready access to an ocean of scientific literature.

Efficiency and Precision
Catalyst lets your researchers find more of what they want and less of what they
don’t want. The AI agent gives you answers promptly and accurately, contextualized for your industry.

Streamlined Workflow
Catalyst’s natural language interface lets researchers spend less time formulating search queries and more time on innovating, with all the right information they need.

In-depth Research
Catalyst includes a broad repository of reference materials, backed by authoritative sources. With trustworthy citations and access to some of the most current findings, you can refine your approach and explore ideas from adjacent disciplines.

What it replaces:
Before experimenting, many researchers conduct a literature review to understand the latest research and identify potential paths to achieve their goal. Without Catalyst, this requires users to identify appropriate databases, construct searches using carefully chosen keywords and Boolean operators, wading through abstracts, and then refining the search. With Catalyst, our digital assistant does the work for you, formulating the search, retrieving the results, and presenting you with the citations so you can evaluate the credibility of each source.
How it works:
Catalyst presents a simple, clean interface that lets you ask questions as you think of them, without pausing to arrange the terms and the conjunctions that structure your search. Catalyst is integrated with the rest of the Citrine platform, so you can quickly dig deeper, even if you’re in the middle of reviewing results from the Citrine VirtualLab recommendation engine.
With Catalyst, you can ask the agent your materials and chemicals related questions. Using a large language model, we convert your questions into properly formatted search phrases and use them to interrogate domain-specific databases.
Citrine Catalyst uses the same research tools that you might use – if you had ready access to all of them, without having to interrupt your train of thought by logging into multiple systems and frequently revising your queries. We’ve aggregated thousands of research sources, including peer-reviewed sources and the latest pre-publication content, all with proper citations, and we are constantly adding new content.

Some data come from ChemArxiv and Semantic Scholar. Please see the attached hyperlinks for Terms of Service.

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