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The AI-driven product development software for materials and chemicals

Case Studies:

Many of the world’s most successful manufacturers that create and use materials and chemicals have turned to Citrine to help them innovate better. Some start small, aiming to solve a particularly challenging problem. Others look to move beyond a homegrown approach that can miss key growth opportunities.

See for yourself how these leading organizations have found better solutions to their customer problems in far less time than they ever imagined.

White Papers:

Sustainability. Digital innovation. Return on investment. Faster development. Knowledge sharing. In our library of business and management whitepapers, you’ll find an array of useful information that demonstrate how artificial intelligence is helping companies to unlock their hidden potential.

Citrine’s Blog:

What we’re thinking about. What it’s like to work here. What we see on the horizon. Citrine’s blog is our opportunity to share stories, tips and updates from the world leaders in Materials Informatics.

Events and Webinars:

We regularly host meetings to educate, collaborate with, and inspire researchers and others who are interested in this fast-moving field. Come join us for upcoming events and webinars and to review previous sessions.


Citrine is committed to the advancement of materials informatics. From open-sources projects to our collaboration in academic research, we aim to use artificial intelligence to promote development and discovery that makes our world a better place.

Learn more about our External Research Program, including the projects we work on, the ways we collaborate with researchers at other institutions, and opportunities for students.

Find out more about our Patents, which cover various techniques that use artificial intelligence to predict, rank and model material discoveries.

Our research portal also includes a broad range of papers by Citrine, papers mentioning Citrine, and conference presentations.

Education and Training:

Citrine offers a variety of educational resources for people who would like to learn more about material informatics, including tutorials, Jupyter notebooks related to materials design, fellowship programs, and more.

Citrine customers have on-demand access to Citrine University, our on-demand learning hub which includes courses such as “Intro to Citrine Platform and Materials Informatics,” “Intro to Sequential Learning,” “Formulations Candidate Selection,” and “AI Modeling & How to Adjust Your Approach.” For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Introduction to Materials Informatics:

Materials informatics
creates insights from data,(what it does)
to understand, develop, and discover new materials and chemicals(why it matters)
using machine learning, sequential learning, and statistical techniques(how it works)