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A powerful AI system that lets your researchers find better results more quickly, by conducting virtual experiments before they go into the lab

What it is:
Citrine Professional Services (CPS) refers to our customized consulting program, a bespoke offering that gives companies additional options for support that can supplement our standard support package.
Why this matters to our customers:
Many companies expect to begin with a small project and, upon success, scale quickly. For many, Citrine’s standard support offerings will be sufficient to create a self-reinforcing use case. But technical infrastructures vary, as do organizational cultures and resources. Citrine can provide customized professional services to address your company’s unique needs, if necessary, and be your partner in digital transformation.

Accelerated adoption
Now that the materials and chemicals market has begun to embrace generative AI to improve outcomes, there is growing urgency for companies to stand up a program and expand its use. For those that need it, CPS can help speed up the implementation and onboarding process.

Faster time-to-value
If resource constraints are likely to hamper your ability to move as quickly as you’d want, we can develop a customized engagement that will provide supplemental support as needed.

How do you want to compete in the market? Are you prepared to compete in the market without AI technology when your competition is most likely using it?
– Vice President of R&D at a building materials company

Help with non-standard technical environments or business issues
CPS is intended for use at any stage of a project when you might need some extra help. Working with a solutions engineer and customer success manager, you’ll be able to determine what level of support is appropriate, whether that’s working through an unusual integration issue or a broad strategic decision.

How it works:
CPS includes “Expert Services” and “Custom Services.” Expert Services provides an even faster path to achieving your company’s desired business outcomes, drawing on support from experts in materials informatics, business strategy, and change management. Custom services are tailored to meet larger, more complex needs. Deliverables for these projects will be scoped to meet your unique requirements.

Expert Services might include options such as:

  • Advice, coaching, and training through office hours or support for a core team
  • Project planning, problem solving, and support for advanced platform use cases
  • Advanced analytics and insights, including AI-model derived insights
  • Data and systems integration advice, including helping with architectural design of data pipelines and data management strategy
  • Strategy and change management, including non-standard help with onboarding, measuring value, and internal communications
  • Data preparation, including help in preparing data for use with the Citrine platform, data digitization, and structuring
Custom Services might include building models on the platform on your company’s behalf, offering guidance on how to run experiments, partnering on how to interpret results, writing bespoke code to connect your systems directly to our platform, developing an organizational data strategy, etc.
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