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We are pushing innovation in materials development and beyond


We solve global materials science challenges using the power of data

From green plastics to lighter more efficient cars, to better batteries, to less toxic dyes for clothing – the future of our planet hinges on how we create the next generation of materials and chemicals. We work directly with the innovative companies making the development tradeoffs that will impact our planet for generations to come.  We provide the platform they use to develop materials with sustainability in mind, faster than ever before.


The Citrine team hails from all over the world and many different backgrounds. We all share a true passion for enabling society to be more productive, efficient, and sustainable. From the founding of Citrine, we knew that to be successful in the future, we had to bring in the best people and welcome their perspectives. We are very lucky to have strong leaders across the company that represent many affinity groups, and we want to grow that number so that every member of our team can find role models of their choosing as we push forward. Come add your perspective to our conversation.


We want to find the best person for the job, and we know that not everyone can or wants to live in the Bay Area. That doesn’t stop us. For many roles, we welcome remote members to our team. We make sure to bring the team together geographically on a very regular basis. We invest in technology to make sure people are as connected to one another as possible, and we actively invest in popular geographies so colleagues who live near one another can interact, even if they work in different areas of the company. Today, we have members of our team in 3 countries and 12 states in the US with plans for local office and remote work expansion in the coming year.


We are grooming the next generation of leaders in materials, business, platform engineering, and so many other areas. We take this responsibility seriously. We invest in the growth of our team with educational opportunities, mentorship, and a focus on giving our colleagues just a little more than they think they can handle. Rather than treating it as sink-or-swim, we support them and help them succeed. Whether it is growth in title, responsibility, skills, influence, or confidence, we want every person who works with us to look back and say that Citrine was an incredible career choice on a personal level.

Benefits of Working at Citrine

Citrine is a company that is committed to supporting the well-being, growth, and development of its team. When you join Citrine, you’ll become part of a community of talented, supportive, welcoming, fun-spirited individuals.

Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO)

We all need time to recharge. We offer flexible PTO, so you can do the things that you love to do outside of work.

Well-being of Employees and Their Families

Generous health care options, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and financial education.

Competitive salary and stock options

We value your contributions and want you to share ownership of our company.

Company events to promote team connectedness

We have numerous team-building activities: coffee chats, our buddy program, recognizing and celebrating milestones, trivia games, movie nights, cooking lessons, martial arts, talent shows, treasure hunts, offsite the list goes on and on…even while working remotely.

Bring your whole self to work

Participate in any of our many groups: women’s group, tiny Citrinites, puppies and kittens, plants, and travelers. Or start your own!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Our DE&I task force works to ensure our culture meets our values. We embrace everyone’s individuality and we are actively engaged in making our organization inclusive.

Continuous growth and learning

We provide you with mentoring and a buddy to help you navigate the organization, enriching experiences, such as guest talks by experts, and financial support to continue your professional development.




The success of our customers is paramount to the success of Citrine, and as an Engagement Manager, you will be responsible for managing the customer experience and success of our engagements.



Senior Product Designer

Build the experience that lets materials scientists access the power of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and apply it to the workflows and problems they face in developing the next-generation of materials and chemicals.


Senior Product Manager

Deliver data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products that power the development of next-generation materials and chemicals.


DATA SCIENCE & Engineering


As a Data Scientist, you’ll work directly with our customers to solve challenging problems at the intersection of materials science and machine learning.




Citrine Informatics is looking for an experienced Software Engineering Manager to help us scale our team. You will collaborate with amazing engineers and scientists on user-facing product features that help our customers achieve incredible research breakthroughs.


Infrastructure engineer

Citrine Informatics is looking for an experienced infrastructure engineer. You will design, build, automate, and operate the cloud infrastructure that runs Citrine’s smart data & AI platform for our customers, and support & accelerate the work of Citrine’s internal technical teams.


senior software engineer – Backend

Citrine Informatics is looking for a senior backend software engineer. You will design and build Citrine’s scalable smart data infrastructure and AI platform, which powers the development & discovery of next-generation materials and chemicals.


senior software engineer – frontend

Citrine Informatics is looking for a senior frontend software engineer. You will design and build Citrine’s platform powering development & discovery of next-generation materials and chemicals.


Data and Artificial Intelligence Research Engineering (DARE) Internship

Pair up with a senior research engineer to design and implement new, customer-facing platform functionality.