AI for Different Markets, Webinars, All Webinars

Recorded: Wed, 3/27/24

About the Webinar

With greater consumer demands for clean and sustainable beauty product formulations, as well as ever-accelerating trend cycles, brands of every size require new tools to simplify the innovation process.

Citrine Informatics’ AI platform allows brands — from indies to multinationals — to create better, faster. From reformulations targeting greater biobased and sustainable content to time-sensitive on-trend product ideation, Citrine empowers brands to develop consumer-preferred products with precision.

In this exclusive briefing, beauty brands, contract manufacturers and R&D chemists will learn:

  • How to leverage even small data sets to generate winning formulations
  • How to add predictability to sensory properties and overall consumer liking
  • How to reduce time to market through by avoiding excessive stability trials and other testing
  • How goals such as biobased content can be achieved quickly
  • How to track mean price of a formula throughout development
AI-driven (Re)formulating for Sustainable Beauty & Speed to Market