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Recorded: Mon, 7/8/24

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About the Webinar

Larger chemical companies have been early adopters of AI and have seen significant success at accelerating R&D projects and optimizing processes. But, translating that into lasting business impact is the ultimate goal and getting widespread use of AI as a day-to-day “tool” is a harder challenge within existing structures. Around 85% of AI initiatives fail as companies fail to adopt the right mindset. 

How not to Fail at AI

Johannes Benkhoff, currently Advisory Partner at Sprout Consulting, has more than 25 years leading Chemicals R&D, and has been at the forefront of digital transformation, building a future-oriented global network and innovation culture at Clariant.

Kyle Killibrew is the COO of Citrine Informatics and has been directly involved in helping their customers adopt their AI platform for chemicals, building on his background as a consultant at McKinsey. Together they have worked with 100s of companies on AI initiatives in the Chemical industry, and can offer clear, actionable plans to succeed. 

In this exclusive briefing, Johannes and Kyle are interviewed about their experience. What worked? What didn’t? They explain how to best get started in your organization, setting yourself up for AI success at scale across a chemical company, both from an organizational and a technical perspective.