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March 20, 2023

LONDON, United Kingdom – Synthomer has entered into an agreement with Citrine Informatics to utilize the Citrine Platform for Materials Informatics and artificial intelligence (AI)-guided product development.

“Innovation is a key enabler of Synthomer’s strategy and we are excited to collaborate with Citrine Informatics in this important area. Their AI-guided product development and materials informatics has proven to be effective at taking us into product designs with performance benefits outside of our conventional thinking. These capabilities will help us drive the specialisation, sustainability and customer-led growth agendas for our high-performance polymers and ingredients”, says Marshall Moore, Synthomer’s Chief Technology Officer and President, Americas.

Synthomer is a global leader in specialty formulations, producing emission-reducing polymer solutions that enable customers to manufacture thousands of products. In 2022, the company successfully launched and implemented the Citrine Platform, resulting in the expansion of their collaboration with Citrine. The Citrine Platform helps the Synthomer team to become more agile in their approach to sustainable product development, and connect upstream and downstream capabilities to gain better insights from raw material procurement to final products.

“Citrine has always been focused on enabling the next generation of sustainable products, so we are excited to partner with an industry leader like Synthomer,” said Citrine Informatics CEO Greg Mulholland, “AI-driven product development is the future of the chemicals industry, and is essential in the pursuit of a more efficient and greener future. We’re proud that the Synthomer team has selected us as their partner in such a critical function.”

About Synthomer

Synthomer plc is a leading supplier of high-performance, specialty polymers and ingredients for coatings, construction, adhesives, and healthcare end markets. Headquartered in London, UK and listed there since 1971, we employ more than 5,000 employees across more than 40 locations across Europe, USA and Asia. With more than 6,000 customers and £2.6bn in revenue in 2022, our three divisions are aligned to our end markets which play an important role in global megatrends including urbanisation, climate change, and economic and demographic shifts. In Coatings & Construction Solutions, our tailored solutions enhance the sustainability and performance of a range of products such as architectural and masonry coatings, mortar modification, fibre bonding, waterproofing and flooring, while our energy solutions promote drilling stability in challenging operating environments. Adhesive Solutions is a leading supplier of products that bond, modify and compatibilise surfaces and components for a range of growth end markets including tapes and labels, packaging, hygiene, tyres and plastics. In Health & Protection and Performance Materials we are a world-leading supplier of water-based polymers for medical gloves and a major European manufacturer of high-performance binders, foams and other products for a range of niche applications. Our purpose is creating innovative and sustainable polymer solutions for the benefit of customers and society. Around 20% of our sales volumes are from new and patent protected products. At our innovation hubs in the UK, Germany, Malaysia and Ohio, USA we collaborate closely with our customers to develop chemical formulations tailored to their needs while also minimising environmental impact. We are working to embed sustainability in everything we do. We have reduced our scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint by one third since 2019, and have been recognized for our leadership in sustainability by a number of authorities. Since 2021 we have held the London Stock Exchange Green Economy Mark, which recognises green technology businesses making a significant contribution to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. Find us at, @Synthomer_Group on Twitter or search for Synthomer on LinkedIn.

About Citrine Informatics

Citrine Informatics is a SaaS platform company that leverages artificial intelligence and materials science to enable customers to develop and optimize materials and chemicals at scale. The Citrine Platform provides a unified data infrastructure for materials and chemical data, allowing product developers to easily access, share, and analyze data to accelerate the development of new products. Their platform has applications in a wide range of industries, including specialty chemicals, energy, electronics, and many others. Citrine’s mission is to accelerate the pace of materials innovation and enable a more sustainable future. For more information, visit or @Citrine-Informatics on LinkedIn.