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The Citrine Platform

The AI-driven product development software for materials and chemicals.

Build a Data-Driven Product Development Process with Citrine



Flexibly import, store, and evaluate data about how your materials were created, and their results:

  • Quickly ingest data into the platform via CSV, spreadsheet, or API
  • Leverage Citrine’s Expert Services to prep complex data sources. From initial training and project identification through to autonomy
  • Manage materials and chemicals data with full context, including:
    • Molecular structures
    • Processing
    • Cost
    • Sustainability / Toxicity
    • Resulting Properties
  • Automatically convert data structures to easy-to-use tables and visualize historical data in a robust and intuitive user interface


Incorporate known physical relationships into AI models to enable faster learning. After training, examine statistical indicators for accuracy.
  • Generative AI for chemistry and materials designed to work on “small data” common in industry
  • Algorithmic uncertainty quantification to ensure model predictiveness and identification of “out of the box” high-performing candidates
  • Embed your domain knowledge by adding known mathematical and rule-of-thumb based relationships


Limit your search to what matters to you.
  • Further capture your team’s existing knowledge and define the constraints for the materials you are looking for.
  • Set acceptable ranges for each category Easily define limits with an intuitive interface:
    • Ingredients
    • Labels of materials
    • Ingredient ratios
    • Processing parameters


Sort and review experiment candidates through interactive visualization.
  • Leverage generative AI to predict candidates that may be missed by human ideation alone
  • Review, pin, filter, and group candidates for further investigation in the lab
  • Show progress against goals and compare the performance and properties of promising candidates. Compare training data to see how candidates perform against targets over existing materials.
  • Drill into individual candidates to better understand why they perform
  • Drive collaboration by communicating candidate data with other researchers

Citrine Catalyst
Introducing Citrine Catalyst – The Future of Materials and Chemicals Research, Development, and Deployment

Catalyst banner

How does Catalyst benefit you?

  • Accelerate Development: Support your team in speeding up the development process.
  • Rich Access: Dive into the ocean of scientific literature and articles available on the Citrine Platform.
  • Efficiency and Precision: Get your industry-contextualized answers promptly and accurately.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Reduce time spent on searching and more on innovating with all the right information at your fingertips.
  • In-Depth Research: With a repository of reference materials, your further research and citations are backed by authoritative sources.

Some papers come from ChemArxiv. Terms of Service can be found here.

Sequential Learning

  • Learn efficiently from every experiment
  • Record ongoing experimental data so models can continue to learn
  • See models improve dramatically with each experimental iteration
  • Reduce the number of experiments required by 90+%

Enterprise Ready

The Citrine Platform is used across multiple business units of in the biggest materials and chemicals companies in the world. As such, it needs to be robust, secure, scalable and continually improved.


The Citrine Platform is used across multiple business units of in the biggest materials and chemicals companies in the world. As such, it needs to be robust, secure, scalable and continually improved.

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Citrine’s Platform scales as your use scales, with computing power optimized for efficiency. Digital assets (data sets, AI models, search spaces etc.) can be reused by other teams and in future projects where they are relevant, accelerating future projects.

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