Life at Citrine

When you think about what you want from your dream job, what do you think about? Presumably, you immediately list off good pay, great benefits, an awesome culture, and growth opportunities, but what about a company with an inspiring mission? 

Good company mission statements are meant to excite employees to drive toward objectives and strategies. But the best missions don’t just provide lip service to pipe dreams, they add purpose to the work employees are pushing toward on a daily basis. They bring a team together. They inspire and empower an organization to achieve goals that benefit not only the company, but the world as a whole.

Citrine’s Mission

Our mission is to enable a greener, more efficient world by accelerating the development and deployment of next generation materials and chemicals. 

Sustainability is at the heart of Citrine: it truly is our mission, our vision, and our value as an organization. The enormous environmental footprint of the chemicals and materials industry1, and its placement at the foundation of the manufacturing food chain, means that Citrine can have a transformational impact on environmental sustainability by accelerating the development of high performing materials. We’re digitalizing one of the largest industries in the world. We literally want to change the world.

How we live our mission

Over the next decade, environmental sustainability will be a critical priority for the global community.  Longer lasting batteries, better photovoltaics, and lighter weight cars all start with better materials.

Recycled plastics

For the materials and chemicals industry to substantially reduce their environmental footprint while providing innovative high performance materials, a new framework is required.  Traditional materials development cycles commonly take years or decades, and that pace of innovation will not be fast enough to provide the transformation we need.

Citrine’s data management and AI tools allow major chemicals and materials companies to reduce their new product development cycles by a factor of 2-5x.  This increased agility enables them to respond to market and regulatory pressure faster, allowing them to develop greener materials and manufacturing processes on an accelerated timescale.

The proof is in the pudding

Quick action matters, but industrywide impact is better. To that end, we don’t just align with companies that are already green, like those making solar cells.  Instead, we work with all kinds of materials companies to provide a platform that enables them to become more agile, allowing them to meet their business goals while also responding to regulatory and market pressure to “go green,” giving them the power to become part of revolutionizing the industry–and the world–through the products they make. 

Sustainable products

We are proud to have worked on projects that involved developing:

  • Higher capacity battery materials
  • More efficient LEDs
  • Biodegradable consumer products
  • Lighter weight plastics for automotive applications

In recognition of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have won:

  • 2020 Global Cleantech 100
  • 2021 Global Cleantech 100
Cleantech 100 2021

But don’t just take it from us….

While awards and projects hold weight, what do our employees think?

Zoe Yang, Software Engineer

Zoe Yang, Software Engineer II, states, “Many companies have sustainability initiatives adjacent to their primary objectives, but few create products that have the potential to directly address environmental predicaments.  Working for Citrine has not only given me the chance to work for a company committed to supporting our earth, but also an opportunity to contribute to a tool we can actually use to minimize environmental impact.” 

Andy Czerwonka, Principal Software Engineer, adds, “I’ve spent the better part of my career building technology solutions for the energy industry. I’m excited to continue in that direction with Citrine, by delivering a platform that enables the acceleration of a new generation of alternative, sustainable energy solutions. Citrine is a purposeful place to work for folks who share the same motivations as me: being able to have a direct impact on improving our environment.”

Andy Czerwonka, Principal Software Engineer

Missions Matter

At the end of the day, people choose companies for a whole host of different reasons. And while we’re glad to go through the list of box-checking (e.g., we’ve had a remote-first culture for years, we have a slew of benefits to support employees and their families, our culture and team of “unicorns” absolutely rock, and we have an ongoing growth program that allows our team to transparently map out their career path and move within the organization), it’s our mission that truly matters to us. 

We’re an exclusive (and inclusive) group of best-in-class, action-oriented, diverse individuals who are working on a defining problem facing humanity today: environmental sustainability. We won’t stop until we’ve helped to revolutionize the materials and chemicals industry for the greater good of the world and humanity. And if you want to fight the good fight with us, we’re always excited to welcome equally passionate team members to join in on the fun. 

1 According to a World Economic Forum report, the steel, aluminum and chemicals industries together contribute more than 11% to the global GHG emissions.


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