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Technology Differentiation

Citrine leads the field of materials informatics


Three core areas of our technology are patented or patent pending.

Is my research project going to work?

Patented technology

Predictive Design-Space Metrics for Materials Development
Patent granted no. 10,675,300

Guide strategic R&D portfolio decisions through systematic predictive evaluation of whether a design space contains improved materials. Described in detail in this paper in NJP Computational Materials.

How can I efficiently optimize product performance?

Optimize material performance

Product Design Integration
Patent granted no. 11,004,037 B1

Co-optimize product performance with the underlying materials properties through capability maps. Capability maps like this convey the achievability of various target property combinations.

How does this new ingredient affect my formulation performance?

New formulation

Using Machine Learning to Explore Formulations Recipes with New Ingredients
Patent granted no. 10,984,145 B1

A methodology to rank candidate formulations recipes based on their likelihood of achieving target specifications. These recipes can include previously untested ingredients.


Citrine’s long-standing culture of collaboration and scientific engagement has led to strong academic and government collaborations and dozens of published papers and conference talks on our innovations. We help the scientific community to benefit from the work we do through an open materials data standard, open sourcing of selected libraries, and frequent journal publications and conference presentations on cutting-edge research.