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Accelerating Product Development and Reducing Costs

Facilitate the optimization of multiple parameters with fewer expensive experiments


Getting to market with higher performance materials faster can increase margins and increase market share. The Citrine Platform accelerates product development by reducing the number of time-consuming experiments needed to explore your search space. The Sequential Learning workflow suggests which experiments to perform next to most efficiently achieve your project targets.

next generation design of experiment


New recipes with less expensive ingredients can be explored quickly using the Citrine Platform. Make informed trade-offs on the impact of ingredients from various suppliers on the final material performance.

Reduce recipe costs through AI

Accelerated Material Property Optimization

Using machine learning to survey millions of potential options leads to novel materials and exceptional properties.

Panasonic organic semiconductor

Machine Learning Accelerates Materials Development

Learn how Citrine’s platform supported Panasonic as it developed new organic semiconductors.

Reduced Costs and Increased Supply Resilience

The Citrine Platform can help you optimize ingredient selection based on material properties, application performance, and formula cost so that you can quickly respond to dynamic and challenging business conditions.

New AI generated recipes reduce costs

Reduced Costs and Increased Supply Resilience

Learn how Citrine’s Artificial Intelligence platform can be used to reduce costs and increase supply chain resilience in specialty chemicals.