Data upload is now available to all users with a account! If you upload data following the attached csv schema, it will appear in the database within a few minutes. Some of the new features that we’ve implemented are below:

  • Support for LaTeX formatting: Put anything you want displayed in math mode between $ symbols and it will render automatically (don’t worry about chemical formulas, we’ll take care of those for you).
  • Automatic reference cleanup: Use a DOI as your citation string and we’ll fill in the correct reference information.
  • Browse data by file: Click on a file to search only its content, instead of the entire database.
  • Edit your files: See a mistake in the data that you’ve uploaded? No problem. You can edit it on the status page and it will be cleaned up in the database.
  • Permalinks on all pages so that you can send search results and data points to your friends and colleagues.