REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—The DataLab podcast, already a great resource for those developing an interest in the cultural, technological, and institutional development of the materials informatics field, now features transcripts of each episode. In addition to making this content for accessible for the hearing impaired or differently abled, the transcripts of these episodes are now fully searchable and referenceable. Future DataLab podcast episodes will have transcripts available at publication time.

Citrine CEO Greg Mulholland said, “DataLab has been an amazing opportunity to share conversations with some of the leading minds in the materials informatics space, and we are excited for many more to come. Making this resource even more accessible is something we are proud to do as we continue to grow our audience.”

The DataLab podcast, hosted by Citrine Chief Science Officer Bryce Meredig, is an exploration of developments in the materials informatics space. Episodes, links to popular podcast streaming apps, transcripts, and guest biographies can be found at