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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Citrine Informatics, the leading materials informatics platform for materials and chemicals development, announced today that members of the Citrine team have accepted eleven invitations to present at 2019 scientific and industry conferences. The list of invited talks includes leading global materials industry conferences such as the TMS Annual Meeting and MRS Spring Meeting. Citrine scientists and leaders have also accepted invitations to present short courses or workshops at the 2019 Data Science in Materials Workshop, the North American Solid State Chemistry Conference, and the 2019 Data Science in Materials Workshop.

“We are honored to have been invited to a record number of invited talks at the leading events in a range of industries from materials science, to data science, to chemistry,” said Greg Mulholland, CEO of Citrine Informatics. “Our team is in demand because data-driven development using artificial intelligence is driving a wave of innovation in the materials and chemicals industry, and our team is leading the space.”

The current list of Citrine’s 2019 invited talks, workshops, and short courses can be found below.


TMS 2019 Annual Meeting / San Antonio, TX, March 10-14

  • Session: Computational Approaches for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Materials Science — AI Applied to General Materials Science
  • Session: Algorithm Development in Materials Science and Engineering — Computational, Experimental, and Machine Learning Algorithms in Study and Design of Materials I
  • Session: Additive Manufacturing: Materials Design and Alloy Development — Fundamentals in Alloy Design for AM II
  • Session: Fatigue in Materials: Multi-scale and Multienvironment Characterizations and Computational Modeling — Data-driven Investigations of Fatigue

ACS Spring 2019 National Meeting / Orlando, FL, March 31-April 4

  • Session: Data Science for Catalysis Research
  • Session: Sustainable Software for Computational Molecular Sciences

2019 MRS Spring Meeting / Phoenix, AZ, April 22-26

  • Session: Advancing Materials Discovery with Data-Driven Science

2019 Physical Metallurgy Gordon Research Conference / Manchester, NH, July 7-12

  • Session: Machine Learning in Alloy Discovery, Design, and Development

ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting / San Diego, CA, August 25-29

  • Session: Nanoinformatics: Information and Data Sciences Applied to Nanomaterials Synthesis, Properties, and Biological Effects

2019 MRS Fall Meeting / Boston, MA, December 1-6

  • Session: Closing the Loop–Using Machine Learning in High-Throughput Discovery of New Materials
  • Session: Materials Data Science—Transformations in Interdisciplinary Education



  • Workshop Title: Applying Machine Learning to Materials Science

2019 North American Solid State Chemistry Conference (NASSCC) / Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO, July 31-August 2

  • Workshop Title: Machine Learning in Materials and Chemistry

2019 Materials Science & Technology (MS&T)/ Portland, OR, September 29-October 3

  • Short Course Title: Machine Learning in Materials Science


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