Citrine Informatics is pleased to announce its nomination to the 2017 World Materials Forum Start Up Challenge. As one of 12 start up companies selected to attend this year’s World Materials Forum in Nancy, France, Citrine will have the opportunity to showcase its platform, Citrination, and how its artificial intelligence technology can dramatically accelerate the materials and chemicals development and deployment process.

Citrine CEO, Greg Mulholland, said “we at Citrine Informatics are honored to be recognized as materials innovators with an invitation to this year’s World Materials Forum Start Ups Challenge. We look forward to sharing our artificial intelligence technologies, which enable a 2-5x acceleration of the materials development process, with materials company executives as they consider the future of the industry. We have no doubt that these leaders will understand that artificial intelligence technology is the platform that will vault the industry into a new era of innovation, efficiency, sustainability, and performance.”

Other participants in the 2-day program include the CEOs of companies including Imerys, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Solvay, Arkema, and Saint Gobain, and many other company leaders and researchers in the materials industry from across the globe.