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October 19, 2023

BERKELEY, Calif. — Today marks a groundbreaking step in the field of materials informatics with the launch of the Citrine Catalyst, an advanced digital assistant designed to propel the chemical and materials product development lab into the future. Catalyst leverages large language models to mine scientific documents and articles for the Citrine Platform. It contains an extensive library of scientific articles, documents, literature, and reference materials. With Catalyst you can submit domain-specific materials questions and receive personalized answers and access curated references.

“We realized that product development experts around the world need a tool that can quickly and accurately answer pressing questions related to their projects, contextualized to their problem. Catalyst is our answer to this challenge,” says Greg Mulholland, CEO of Citrine Informatics.

Key Features of Catalyst Include:

Materials Inquiry Assistance: Users can pose materials-related questions and receive tailored responses, coupled with a curated list of references leading to pertinent articles for in-depth exploration.

Rapid Research Support: Designed with the needs of product development teams at the forefront, Catalyst accelerates the research process by instantly connecting users to the exact context that answers their inquiries. Furthermore, the assistants’ capability extends to answering questions related to its vast article repository, streamlining the search for relevant information.

“With Catalyst, the days of manually combing through numerous documents for answers are over. This digital assistant will revolutionize how our customers approach research, making it more efficient, accurate, and user-centric,” remarks Greg Mulholland, CEO of Citrine Informatics.

Leveraging the power of the Citrine Platform, Catalyst is poised to drive a paradigm shift in product development, offering researchers an edge in discovering novel research avenues and enhancing their workflow.

About Citrine Informatics

Citrine Informatics is an enterprise SaaS platform company that leverages artificial intelligence and materials science to enable customers to improve product development and optimization. The Citrine Platform provides a unified data infrastructure for materials and chemical data — allowing product developers to easily access, share, and analyze data. Citrine’s AI has improved business outcomes across a range of industries including specialty chemicals, coatings, batteries, and CPG. Citrine’s mission is to accelerate the development and deployment of better, more sustainable materials.