The Materials Project team has published an open-access review in APL Materials titled, “Research Update: The materials genome initiative: Data sharing and the impact of collaborative ab initio databases.” In this paper, Jain, Persson, and Ceder describe recent work in the materials community around generating, storing, and sharing large materials datasets. They provide a general overview of Citrine’s data infrastructure, mention data sets we host for free public access, and also note our role in organizing materials hackathons in conjunction with MRS. We are excited for this recognition from a world-leading team of materials researchers, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate on shared research goals and working together to create a data-driven future for the entire materials community.

Call-out quote: 

“One organization that has made significant progress in establishing a centralized data resource for materials scientists is Citrine Informatics, a company that specializes in applying data mining to materials discovery and optimization. Citrine’s data sharing service benefits its core business because its proprietary data mining algorithms become more powerful with access to larger datasets. Data providers and research groups that contribute data to the Citrine database benefit from greater visibility of their work and straightforward compliance with data management requirements.”