Dr. Bryce Meredig, Citrine’s co-founder and Chief Science Officer, was recognized by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)  and The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME) with the 2021 AIME Robert Lansing Hardy Award, established to recognize a young person in the fields of metallurgy and materials science for exceptional promise of a successful career.

Bryce received the award for pioneering work in the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate materials design and discovery. “I am honored to receive this award, which is a good opportunity to reflect on how much our success depends on investments by others in our growth and goals,” said Bryce. “I am grateful to have worked with outstanding mentors, colleagues, and collaborators, without whose support my career path would not have been possible. I look forward to continued engagement at the TMS Annual Meetings, which have featured excellent programming on data-driven materials science for many years now, and with TMS more broadly.”

“Bryce has been a driving force in scientific and technical innovation at Citrine and in the broader materials informatics community since before we started the company,” said Citrine’s CEO Greg Mulholland. “It’s inspiring to see TMS recognize Bryce for his contributions to the field of MI, and I look forward to seeing Bryce and our team continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible at the intersection of AI and materials development.”

About Bryce Meredig

Dr. Bryce Meredig is cofounder and Chief Science Officer of Citrine Informatics, a materials informatics platform company, where he leads the External Research Department (ERD). ERD conducts publishable research with collaborators in academia, government, and industry. Dr. Meredig’s research interests include the development and validation of physics-informed machine learning methods specific to applications in materials science and chemistry; integration of physics-based simulations with machine learning; and data infrastructure for materials science. Dr. Meredig received his PhD from Northwestern University and BAS and MBA from Stanford University.

About the AIME Robert Lansing Hardy Award

Established through The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME) by Arthur C. Hardy, this award is in memory of his son, Robert Lansing Hardy, a young man of great promise in the field of physical metallurgy and Junior Member of AIME, who died suddenly at the age of 25.

This award recognizes a young person in the broad fields of metallurgy and materials science for exceptional promise of a successful career, rather than for any specific accomplishment. The broad fields of metallurgy and materials science include minerals processing, extractive, physical or adaptive metallurgy, and metal processing.

The award began with Arthur C. Hardy’s donation to AIME, in memory of his son Robert, to create a medal “as an inspiration to many young people in their formative years.” As an educator most of his life, Arthur Hardy was keenly aware of the importance of motivating young professionals to strive for superior achievement. He provided the photograph of his son for use on the medal and those who knew Robert say the portrait captured his earnest look as he was about to embark on this chosen career.

More information about the Award can be found here, and information about all of the TMS-AIME 2021 Award recipients can be found here.

About Citrine Informatics

Citrine Informatics is the award-winning materials informatics platform for data-driven materials and chemicals development. It won the 2017 World Materials Forum Start- up Challenge, the 2018 AI Breakthrough award as the “Best AI-based Solution for Manufacturing,” and 2020-2021 Cleantech 100 honors. The Citrine Platform combines smart materials data infrastructure and AI, which accelerates development of cutting-edge materials, facilitates product portfolio optimization, and codifies research IP, enabling its reuse and preventing its loss. Citrine’s customers include Panasonic, Michelin, LANXESS, and some of the biggest and most respected names in the materials and chemicals industry in Asia, North America, and Europe. For more information visit our website at