REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—Dr. Bryce Meredig, Citrine founder and Chief Science Officer, was named Associate Editor of npj Computational Materials.

npj Computational Materials, from Nature Publishing Group, is a premier journal in the field of computational materials. The journal’s scope is:

  • application and development of existing and emerging theoretical and simulation approaches for the study of materials in their entirety (organic and inorganic).
  • structure and property prediction of new materials, such as by the “materials by design” paradigm.
  • significant new understanding of materials fundamentals, behavior and properties.
  • integrative/complementary experimental works that serve to validate, support and extend computational findings.
  • high-throughput techniques—both computational and experimental—for large data set generation, and materials data mining.

With an Impact Factor of 8.941, the journal is a leading voice of the computational materials domain and one of the top-ranked journals across all of materials science. Upon his appointment, Dr. Meredig said, “I could not be more proud to join such a respected editorial team at npj Computational Materials. In addition to the great work that the journal publishes, I am particularly excited to contribute to the scientific discourse at a journal that embraces Open Access principles.”

Dr. Meredig’s initial term as editor is for three years.

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