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Glass manufacturing is complex and resource intensive.  The materials design space for products is vast. Reduction in energy and raw material costs is increasingly critical. As raw material price volatility increases and emission targets become stricter, smart product development is essential for success.

Learn how a glass manufacturer used the Citrine Platform to guide product development decision making.

Accelerate Product Development

  • Optimize multiple objectives – like optical, mechanical, thermal, and/or electrical properties – to achieve market-leading performance
  • Balance trade-offs between performance requirements, manufacturability, and cost.
  • Act on market changes faster than competitors by leveraging AI.
  • Narrow down high dimensional, complex composition spaces to only the most promising materials candidates.

Leverage Data to Inform R&D Investments

  • Incorporate expensive historical characterization data into models to guide new developments
  • Use data-driven assessments to objectively select the research strategy
  • Understand which products in your portfolio can be quickly further optimized


Citrine’s platform unlocks opportunities to capitalize on data and knowledge acquisition across your enterprise.

  • Equip experts with graphical AI tools and data visualizations so they continue to gain insight and expertise
  • Build reusable, modular machine learning models to predict important, difficult to empirically model, properties
  • Combine historical characterization efforts, modeling and simulation data, and existing glass databases in a flexible but structured data model
  • Accelerate onboarding of new product developers who can reuse the encoded domain knowledge from veteran team members

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