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In this podcast, Dr. Bryce Meredig, Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Citrine Informatics, introduces our audience to materials informatics. Materials informatics is the use of computational and data-driven methods to inform materials design, research, and development. This podcast will feature interviews with leaders in government, industry, and academia who are at the cutting edge of the materials informatics revolution.

Dr. Meredig and guests will discuss the most important issues scientists may face as they use materials data to accelerate materials and chemicals development, such as materials data infrastructure and the kind of team necessary for MI success.


Bryce Meredig: Welcome to DataLab: The Materials Informatics Podcast. I’ll be your host, Dr. Bryce Meredig, Chief Science Officer of Citrine Informatics. The reason I’m so invested in this podcast is because I’m committed to sharing knowledge about materials informatics, or MI. We as a society have the MI technology today to dramatically accelerate the way materials and chemicals are developed and discovered, and this podcast will feature interviews with the people who are at the cutting edge of making this revolution happen.

Bryce Meredig: This podcast is particular timely, because data and machine learning are already dramatically changing the materials landscape. I’ll give you three examples. First, competitive dynamics are shifting in the materials industry. Now the winners are companies that can move the fastest. MI is tilting the playing field. Second, national materials research programs in the United States, Japan, China, the European Union and elsewhere are making big bets on MI, but in different ways. Third, educational needs are changing rapidly. Students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs are demanding training in materials informatics so they can be well-positioned for the jobs of the future. Currently employees are asking for training in MI so they can be as effective and productive as possible as the roles change with new technology.

Bryce Meredig: Our guests will include leaders in government, industry and academia who are pushing the frontier of materials informatics. We will cover technology issues such as the software infrastructure underpinning MI, as well as human issues such as what kind of team you need to be successful with MI.

Bryce Meredig:
We will discuss the most important issues you face as you use materials data to accelerate materials and chemicals development. Finally, we want to cover issues you want to learn about. Please send comments and topics for upcoming episodes to podcast@datalabMI.com

Bryce Meredig: We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for listening. Please subscribe and rate our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Listen to past episodes, learn more about our guests and submit questions and suggestions at Citrine.io/podcast. That’s Citrine.io/podcast.