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Accelerate Materials & Chemicals Development with the Citrine SaaS Platform


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Introducing Citrine Catalyst – The Future of Materials and Chemicals Research, Development, and Deployment

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The AI SaaS Platform for Product Development

Accelerate new product development. Rapidly respond to new customer demands. Supercharge R&D productivity. With the Citrine Platform, you’ll unlock ROI and outsized business value.

Our software is scientifically developed to empower product developers whose material and chemical inputs are critical to their product design. It’s made to draw unique insights out of all forms of data, no matter how small or complex the data set.

Citrine’s AI is designed to be used by every member of your team and is propelled by the domain knowledge of expert product developers. Moreover, our software is built for collaboration and scale, so the knowledge and learning of one team member can be made perpetually accessible to others.

Inputs and outputs

Accelerate Sustainable Chemicals & Materials Product Development with AI

Here’s how the Citrine Platform accelerates the process of developing sustainable chemicals and materials and provides ROI


accelerating development

  • Improve product margin
  • Accelerate product development and commercialization
  • Increase market share
  • Respond to customers faster, win more contracts


chemical flasks

  • Rapidly adapt to supply & regulatory changes
  • Design out of rising raw material costs
  • Respond to shifting market demands

Amplifies Institutional Knowledge

Capture Knowledge

  • Reduce knowledge attrition
  • Speed up new developer onboarding
  • Better leverage your most valuable experts
  • Enable increased collaboration

The World’s First AI Platform for Materials and Chemicals R&D

Citrine Informatics is an enterprise SaaS platform company that leverages artificial intelligence and materials science to enable customers to improve product development and optimization.

The Citrine Platform provides a unified data infrastructure for materials and chemical data — allowing product developers to easily access, share, and analyze data.

Citrine’s AI has improved business outcomes across a range of industries including specialty chemicals, coatings, batteries, and CPG.

Citrine’s mission is to accelerate the development and deployment of better, more sustainable materials.