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Brooke family
Brooke and her family

As a busy Account Executive with a 1 year old son, fiancé and dogs, there were too many things going on in my life to check labels at the grocery store. As long as a product functioned, (ex: the laundry detergent washed the sheets, the hand soap smelt nice), I didn’t think twice about them. 

I joined Citrine in May of 2021 as an Account Executive. I’ve been in sales my whole career and I can’t imagine doing anything different, but the materials informatics industry was new for me. A company that uses AI to help scientists create new materials and chemicals? Whole new learning curve! As I learned more about what our platform can do, I got inspired to start doing my own research – and that’s when I truly realized the impact that materials and chemicals have in our daily lives.

Everything you touch is a material or a chemical and it’s a $80TN Market (20-30% of the global GDP).

smart phone

New materials and chemicals enable new technologies, for example, improvements in Gorilla Glass – chemically strengthened glass that is light and tough, enabling each new iPhone to remain lightweight and prevent smashes. While that’s great for the moments when my son tosses my phone on the ground because he’s just a baby, materials and chemicals production also creates about a quarter of all greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change. Phalates, which are found in products like my son’s sippy cup, have been linked to an increased risk for premature death; and most recently, news has been breaking about toxic chemicals in cosmetics.

Sustainable products
Materials are an important part of the sustainability transition

Citrine’s technology accelerates development and enables research groups to model toxicity, understand the performance of biodegradable ingredients, and reformulate without banned chemicals at speed.

Why is this important? Because 2021’s IPCC Report issued a ‘Code red’ for human driven global heating ( It’s critical that we act now, and act fast, to combat the worst effects of climate change.

I’m proud to work at a company that can help move the needle toward a more sustainable future for our planet.

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