Why Sharing Data is Important

At Citrine Informatics, we believe that everyone should have free access to the materials-related data they need. Our team is working hard to make materials data open, accessible, and useful, fostering a data-themed community of researchers and furthering materials science in the process.

Citrine User Statistics 2016To achieve these goals, we need your help. Our team has built the infrastructure and done a significant amount of initial data aggregation to make Citrination the largest open access database for the physical world. Currently, it contains over 3 million data points and is continually growing. To keep up the momentum, however, we require users, like you, to contribute and engage with our platform. We encourage all researchers in materials science and engineering to share some (or all) of their data with us. Every bit helps, whether it be just a few property values or gigabytes of research output. You can also interact with the platform by commenting on data points, creating your own user profile, or viewing other’s profiles.

Making your research results available to others in the materials science and engineering field is good for the whole community and will allow others to learn from and build upon what you have done. Of course, you can also benefit from the data you find on Citrination, using it to supplement or validate the work you are doing yourself. In addition, there are a number of other benefits to using and contributing to Citrination. When you contribute to Citrination, your data will be:

  • Structured, organized, and searchable. Powerful semantic search allows you to find the data you need quickly and easily.
  • Available online. Use Citrination as a place to host your data, to comply with data management requirements, or as a backup of your work.
  • Linkable. Share links to data points or entire datasets with your colleagues and others.
  • Visible. Once on Citrination, your data is accessible to people all around the world. Popular datasets on the site receive a similar number of page views as a Nature Materials paper 2-3 months after publication.


We currently have users from around 2,000 institutions worldwide who use Citrination to find, access, and store data. Send us an email if you would like to join them and contribute, learn more, or chat to use about your research and ideas.